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Vimperator 3.4 released

posted Apr 12, 2012, 9:08 AM by Martin Stubenschrott
2012-04-02: It's not an April's fool
  • version 3.4
  • Fixed a mem leak when closing tabs
  • Scrolling some divs failed previously when using "j". Should work now. Thanks dom.lobue
  • hinttags fixes for gmail and other apps
  • Pressing Tab works correctly in hint mode when the list of hints has been filtered
  • Search history is accessible again
  • Display correct status messages when a text search reaches either end of the buffer
  • Url links in :jump list are clickable again
  • Gracefully handle unescaped regex characters in 'urlseparator' option
  • :sanitize now respects timespan values
  • add '-select' option to :tabclose command for specifiying which tab is selected after closing the current one
  • Deleting local marks with :delmarks[!] command is working now
  • Editing password fields with the external editor works again (thanks Gianni)

Get it from here while it's hot.