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Vimperator 3.9 released: A missed Valentine's day gift

posted Feb 15, 2015, 8:13 AM by Martin Stubenschrott
This reminds me, I should blog more often as I've missed all the announcements for Vimperator 3.7.1, 3.8, 3.8.1, 3.8.2 and 3.8.3 ;)

Anyway, a lot of changes have happened since the last blog post:

2015-02-15: Missed Valentine's day
    * Version 3.9
    * We don't override <S-Insert> in textboxes anymore, so it does the default
      action (which is pasting the clipboard). For Windows and Mac users, this doesn't
      change anything. For Linux, this means it pasts the clipboard instead of the X11
      selection, but that's actually also the default for most GUI apps on Linux nowadays.
      On the other hand, it also fixes an annying bug where the first completion stayed
      active when using <S-Insert> in the command line.
    * Finally remove local file completions from the :open prompt which causes lots of problems (and slowdowns) for many people. If you want them back, use :set complete=slf
      to get back the old default value.
    * Make <Ctrl-[> key always behave like <Esc> key (was missing from the command line handler)
    * Add support for :set hintmatching=fuzzy as a new, alternative way for hintmatching.
    * Don't display help message in command line for a normal click.
    * Keep search history and command line history private in 'Private Browsing' mode (also remove
      old, unused 'private' option)
    * Fix set encoding= for new Firefoxs (thanks Genki-S)

    * Version 3.8.3
    * Many compatibility fixes with new Firefox versions (up to Firefox 35)
    * Rewrite Makefile so it works on MacOS, also to not include any unwanted files
    * Only show "Executing Autocommand ..." message on verbose level >= 9
    * :set encoding= completion works again on Firefox >= 32.
    * Push minVersion to Firefox25, as we have some problems on older Firefoxs regarding search
    * Make 'gH' command work with multiple home pages
    * Don't prompt user for confirmation when 'delbmarks!' command is invoked in silent mode

2014-02-14: A Valentine's gift
    * Version 3.8.2
    * Fix search for Firefox 27
    * When you copy the URL with y, copy it as-is with only space encoded as %20
    * Fix :downloads for new Firefoxs (thanks sven)
    * Add 'yankencodedurl' option, so you can get the old behavior to encode any
      any non-ASCII character with the encoded character

    * version 3.8.1
    * Fix arrow keys in menus
    * change minVersion to 17.0

    * version 3.8
    * Many fixes for Firefox 25 (search and alternate tabs were broken)
    * :tabattach works correctly now
    * liberator.log() fixes
    * Add "ssl" field shows SSL connection icon to "status" option (default: off)
    * Tabs count and it's index in status-line are changed to the current group's tabs count and it's index.
    * Fixed "TypeError: elem is null" error when scrolling while the page is being loaded
    * General bug fixing
    * Set maxVersion to Firefox 26 as we fixed many compatibility issues

    * version 3.7.1
    * Firefox 21 compatibility (Fix :dialog import)

Go to Vimperator and checkout the new version.

Hopefully the next blog post won't take as long. :)