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We have moved... AGAIN! :)

posted Apr 4, 2012, 1:41 PM by Martin Stubenschrott   [ updated Apr 7, 2012, 3:22 AM ]
After over 2 years of hosting our site at SourceForge (which I say a big thanks to!) we decided to go back to using Google Sites since I finally found a decent theme. The main reason is, however, that while SourceForge allowed full customization of the site, updating its contents was quite combersome. It involved:
  1. Logging into SSH
  2. Making changes to XML files...
  3. ...which were transformed to HTML by an XSLT script.
  4. Praying! (if the prayers haven't been heard, go back to 2.)
  5. svn commit
  6. If you forgot step 4 and just commited the changes blindly, you could see a terribly broken site ;(

Worst of all, even when step 3 succeeded (by not throwing errors), it was still next to impossible to easily test the whole site, as there was no testbed.

Furthermore, since Vimperator matures and time is as always a limiting factor when you have a full-time job, one important future part of the vimperator labs site is to also blog more about interesting user interface concepts. And therefore, having a WYSIWYG blog editor like the one on Google Sites is really helpful - I could even embed YouTube videos of kittens:

Cute Kittens!